Places, all around the world, have a key role to engage their community to support a cause for free.

Engage with


Change the rules, for Good.

It is time for places, all around the world to easily take a stand and make their customers supporting causes for free through our Engage With Purpose technology.

Join a community of more than 1000 places supporting on daily basis a social or environmental project and increase their user engagement by 20 

Easy to connect,

Simple to impact.

Boon.Today for Places allows any physical businesses to connect their customers, collaborators, or community with our #Tech4Good technology.


Let your community engage with our sponsored content to micro-finance a cause you love.

Using the power of our algorithm and cutting edge immersive technology, Boon.Today can be set up on any kind.


We transform user engagement into donations for Non-Profits and reduce the acquisition cost of our partners by 2.


The new generation is no longer adept to traditional marketing, it expects brands and companies to engage and collaborate with their audience.


I am a fan of Boon.Today is an added value for the CNN group both in terms of ethics and business.

Laure De Louvencourt, Brand Director France CNN



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